Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quilting with Hero Arts Stamps (Cling & Digi)

Have you seen The Brothers Bloom? There is a great line in that movie that sounds a lot like me... "I collect hobbies." Here is a little clip. LOL

Anyway to add to my many hobbies I took a Quilting 101 class on Saturday. Here is the quilt block I made in class:

I couldn't wait to get home and try quilting with some of my Hero Arts stamps for the new "Home" challenge! For this first mini quilt wall hanging (approx. 16" x 5") I stamped the Hero Arts Cling CG134 Large Flower multiple times directly on my fabric. I attached the flowers to some fusible interfacing, cut them out, pieced them back together, and ironed in place on my fabric squares. I used Copic markers on some parts of the flowers for variety and added orange fabric brads in the center.

This next one is my favorite. Not too bad for a beginner! It is a mini wall quilt (slighty larger than 12" x 12") that I made using the Hero Arts Big Blue Owl DigiKit. I just opened the owl stamp in PhotoShop Elements, resized it to fit my center fabric blocks, and then printed four owls on cotton inkjet fabric paper. I followed the same process above to attach the owls to my fabric.

It was lots of fun to make these and I'm already thinking of how to combine more Hero Arts stamps with my new quilting hobby!

Thanks for looking! Comments are appreciated!



Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness, are you sure that you just started this, you look like a pro, love them all, fabulous designs! I have yet to venture out that far into the crafting arena...I am still tackling simple stitching at best!

Dawn said...

OMG - Joy this is amazing. How clever to combine two hobbies...

Lin said...

Joy, you took to quilting like a duck to water! These are both wonderful - please post more of your designs as they are created! Haven't been here in awhile, and I love your blog background!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy
Thanks for yor comments!! I love your wallhangings - especially the owls. Printing onto fabric is something I have on my list of future tutorials, but I hadn't thought of using stamps - I will have to have a little play with that!!
Regards, Anne
ps I love the look of your blog - I'm currently reading 'Typead for Dummies' ... so one of these days I might get to look as pretty as yoy!!

Heather Maria said...

Oh my goodness Joy these are absolutely brilliant! You must be a quick learner - your quilting is fantastic! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!!

Jill said...

WOWSERS! I love the combination of HA stamps + your amazing understanding of color + quilting! You are incredible!

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