Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February Card Chain Challenge

Hello! Happy Wednesday!

Deborah hosted another Card Chain Challenge in January. It is so fun to send and receive happy mail, isn't it?

This is the card I sent to lovely Hannah in Missouri. This is one of those cards that I *almost* didn't want to send. I really liked how the punched flowers turned out with the fabric brads in the center. I also liked the pink and green color combo. The background stamp is the Envelope Pattern from Hero Arts.

I received this happy mail today from Miss Newly-Appointed Hero Hostess ScrappinBari (Linda W) from Minnesota! Linda sent two delighful cards plus some lovely Prima Flowers.

This first card is the Card Chain Challenge card. Linda cleverly used Deborah's sketch, color scheme and Chinese New Year theme! The card has perfect embossing on the three circles, a nice torn and distressed paper edge, and lovely pearls and twine. Love it!

I also love this second card. Linda was so thoughtful to include a birthday card for me! This card is perfectly embossed as well. The flowers are very subtle and beautiful and the pearls really make them pop! Thank you so much, Linda! You really made my day and my birthday month.

And here is my "professional photo cube" that arrived today. Husband let kitties (this is Dusty) play in it while I was at an appointment tonight. I give the cube mixed results so far, but we are still experimenting. It may very well become an expensive cat toy!

Note: I will have a big giveaway when I reach 100 public followers!

Thanks for visiting! Comments are appreciated!



Dawn said...

I can see exactly why you would want to keep the pink flower card Joy.... it's is beautiful. Those brads certainly finish the flowers perfectly. Love the cards Linda sent you... how sweet. And I laughed at Dusty in the light box!!!! My boy hasn't found mine yet.... and keep persevering... I love mine. It just takes a while to find the right spot and lighting.

joy said...

Love your pink and green card, Joy! Linda's cards are so pretty, also. And, your cat is so beautiful - we once had a cat named Dusty who lived to be 18 years old!

Alice Wertz said...

your card is so simple and pretty, Joy! and Linda's cards are lovely, too! hee... i know! they like the most unexpected toys! =)

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