Saturday, June 2, 2012

Slimming Saturday: Week 6

Gained 0.6 lb this week. I'm not that surprised. We were out of town last weekend and I went a little overboard on eating. Plus I didn't get as much exercise in this week.

Oh well, it's just a little setback. I will keep going!

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Cindy C. said...

Hi Joy: Don't give up! But don't forget to enjoy life too!

Tina Schrof said...

You can do.....just take an extra lap around the block! Huge hugs to you my friend!

Sandi said...

fear not this is life in the game of weight loss. I am so proud of you for knowing these facts and pushing onward to keep going. Wish I could give you lots of hugs. Will have to wait till StampAway!!!

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