Friday, July 10, 2009

Bon Voyage Travel Album Workshop

I took the Bon Voyage Travel Album Workshop at Archiver's today. We decorated a 6x12" chipboard album (with an acrylic cover) using Little Yellow Bicycle's Traveler collection. The papers and embellishments have a cool vintage travel flair. They include US maps and license plates, travel sentiments, and more.

We had to do a lot of cutting and trimming, but the end result is a pretty cool travel album for only $20. Plus we had tons of stickers and a good amount of paper leftover for other projects.

The great thing about Archiver's classes is that you get to use their tools, adhesives, etc. and someone is there to answer any questions that come up. There is also no mess to clean up at home.

The best part is you leave with an almost finished project! Now I just have to add photos and I think I might ink the edges of the album while I'm at it. This will be a great album for a trip we took a couple years ago to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

If you have an Archiver's near you, be sure to check out their classes!


Arlene said...

That's really a neat book. You got so much accomplished. WOW.

Heather Maria said...

Joy your travel album is gorgeous. It's a stunning project for you to add your photos of the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas to. I amazed at how much you did in the class. I wish there was an Archivers here - I would sign up for a class straight away! Thanks for sharing.

Dawn said...

What a fun workshop - love the look of your album.

Penny Lane said...

I really like this. I saw it at my Archivers a couple of weeks ago, but they've discontinued it, even though there's one more class on the schedule for it. UGH! I wonder if they're having a problem getting the papers/supplies? Either way, this is so cute.

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